Tech-focused Polymath Seeks Challenge: Stephen D. Williams

 Software Engineer - Systems Architect - Security Engineer - Inventor

Specialties: Web & mobile apps, embedded, robotics, scalability & services, security & crypto, startups

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650-450-8649 SF Bay Area; PO Box 40, Mountain View, CA 94042  Fax:703-995-0407 

Contents: Opportunity Fit - Experience - Skills & Education - Purpose & Character

Opportunity Fit

With a deep technical, interpersonal, creative, and business background, I fit a wide range of roles.  
I am looking for the best overall opportunity & challenge: Organizations with important purpose & goals requiring uniquely multifaceted, deeply skilled technical talent.  Most suitable roles: lead architect & developer, hands-on CTO/CIO/CISO, VP/director of engineering / SW development / R&D, or related consulting.  I am broadly open to mutually interesting suggestions.


This is a concise summary; full version available.  As a technology enthusiast, I have deeply explored most related topics.

Recent Activity

For the last 5+ years, deeply involved in current SPA (single page web app) & scalable cloud technology, developing a complex integration of 3D game engine (WebGL, ThreeJS), 3D editor, video, rich text editing, slides, and scripting in a highly responsive web app using web components.  Several tools and approaches have been published as open source: Merkle Hash web cache builder, completely new panel responsiveness system, async module loading system, Docker, websockets, graph database based app stack.

In parallel, bootstrapping a new approach for robotic actuators, self-filed a patent & mechanical design; forming a large ANA Avatar XPRIZE contest team creating an avatar system: remote telerobotics for home health & elder care, travel.  Performed deep & broad research, attended trade shows, and established partners.  
Working with Linux, ROS, ROS2, WebRTC, WebSockets, Oculus Quest, mechanical design.

Past experience includes: deep mobile development (Android), cameras & imaging, ebook readers, scalable server apps for millions of users, secure app dev, insurance quoting, banking, encryption, PKI CAs, various databases, protocols & standards work (IETF, W3C), and embedded factory machine control.  I’ve run my own servers with DNS, email, web, usenet, and apps on the Internet since 1992.  AI, ML, vision, and NLP have been deep research interests for decades, intersecting certain projects.  I’m a bit of a legal geek, especially IP.  

Computational imaging array camera integration, optimization, and product development.  Google Mobile Android (Java/C++) and desktop Qt (C++) programming, Java/C++/JNI, XML, web services, rendering.  Vision recognition.  Cray XT3 installation, repair, mgmt.  Patent consulting.  Stealth knowledge organization startup.  CPU simulator visualization.

Comprehensive Background:

VolksDroid - CTO/founder - Exploratory R&D                                             Vallejo, CA                   5/2019 To Present


ANA Avatar XPRIZE team, startup creating an affordable, highly effective remote teleoperated robotic system.

Have unique actuator solution, hand design, novel touch sensing, haptics, and low-latency remote reality solutions.

Linux, Oculus Quest app, ROS, ROS2, CANbus, WebRTC, websockets, Ortelio cloud robotics, C++, Python, JS.

Mostly ready to be certified as a patent agent.  AR/VR/RR.  Trained on Udacity’s robotics curriculum.

Blue Scholar Foundation - CTO/founder - unpaid                                    Vallejo, CA                   9/2019 To Present

Forming a nonprofit corporation with global partners and board to promote college education for everyone by working to make it possible, flexible, very affordable, and socially desirable.

Yebo Technologies, formerly: Change My Path - CTO/founder              San Francisco, CA       10/2014 To Present Demo video: 

Creating a scalable self-reinforcing social education platform that combines entertainment with learning in innovative ways to solve the job skills training gap, meta-learning deficiencies, and later to revolutionize life-long learning in general.  Sourced developers at conferences, online, including near-shore team members in Mexico & Honduras, interviewing widely in India, plus South American companies and individuals.  Hired, trained, dismissed as needed.  Negotiated & closed sales, pitched to investors, participated in board meetings.

Deep Javascript, web dev, CSS, full-stack, webGL, ThreeJS, WebComponents, Polymer 1/2/3, Lit-Element/Lit-HTML, haproxy, nginx, docker, dgraph, NodeJS, AWS.

Instructional design R&D, novel theory of knowledge - concept morphology, invented “panel responsiveness”, Merkle hash web cache system, no-build web module load system, anti-browser memory leak techniques.

Pelican Imaging - Director Software Engineering                                   Mountain View, CA       4/2012 To 10/2014

Building embedded software and SDK for revolutionary camera technology.

GREE / OpenFeint - Principal Android Engineer     Burlingame/San Francisco, CA / Tokyo      10/2011 To 3/2012

Built new generation social gaming and casual gaming platform API for Android.

Sony Electronics - Consultant through OptimaLogic & Triple Crown Consulting San Jose, CA    5/2010 To 9/2011

Mobile & desktop eReader - Android, Qt, OAUTH, XML, Adobe RMSDK, DRM, Java, C++, Eclipse, CMake

Kerosene and a Match - Consultant, Chief Scientist           Mountain View / Orange County, CA      10/2010 To 2012

New Product Development - pre-funding startup.

i365, a division of Seagate - Development Team Lead                           Santa Clara, CA              9/2009 To 3/2010

OptimaLogic, Inc. - President / CTO                                             Mountain View, CA              2/2009 To Present

Startup - Medical Device R&D - CTO                                 San Diego, CA                    4/2009 To 6/2009

Sempra Energy - Senior Security Architecture Consultant         San Diego, CA                    2/2009 To 5/2009


High Performance Technologies, Inc. - Senior Technical Director  Arlington, Reston, VA  7+yrs. 10/2001 To 1/2009

Active and successful in architecture, development, consulting, management, business development, proposal writing, market and technology research & evaluation, technical interviewing, and program assessment. Selected projects:


HPTi Projects:

Army High Performance Computing Resource Center       Moffett Field, CA                    6/2007 To 1/2009

Semantic Web, Temporal Analysis, SPARQL, Graph Analysis        Arlington, VA              4/2005 To 5/2007

W3C Efficient XML Interchange Working Group, Semantic Web Ashburn, VA                   5/2004 To 9/2007

DoD Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics                            Crystal City, VA              6/2006 To 9/2006

Scalable Awareness Framework (SAF) for intelligence          Ashburn, VA                   6/2003 To 6/2006

Department of Justice CIO PKI/Security Consulting                    Washington, DC              1/2003 To 3/2005

Health and Human Services Office of Regulatory Affairs        Washington, DC             1/2003 To 1/2003

Treasury FMS Secure Payment System, Sr. Architect & Lead    Hyattsville, MD             10/2001 To 12/2002


Concinnous Consulting, Inc. - President / Senior Consultant          Ashburn, VA    8 yrs.   2/1992 To 9/2001

   ObjectVideo, Consulting Developer                                Reston, VA                         3/2001 To 7/2001

   Geico, Consulting Chief Architect and Team Lead                           Bethesda, MD                 4/1998 To 3/1999

   America Online, Inc., Senior Consultant           Tyson’s Corner, Reston, Dulles, VA           4/1995 To 5/1998

   Bank of America, Senior Consultant                                              Concord, CA                  8/1994 To 2/1995

   Lexis-Nexis, Senior Consultant                                              Miamisburg, OH              2/1992 To 8/1994, Chief Technical Officer                                       Denver, CO                 11/2000 To 3/2001, President and Chief Scientist                         Washington, DC              7/1999 To 1/2001, Chief Technical Officer                              Washington, DC            3/1999 To 10/1999


GE Aircraft Engines, Senior Consultant                                    Cincinnati, OH   2.5 yrs.    6/1989 To 1/1992

Computer Sciences Corp., Member Technical Staff                      Dayton, OH     1 yr.        11/1987 To 8/1988

NCR Corp., Staff Consultant                                                 Dayton, OH     1.5 yrs.     5/1986 To 11/1987

GE Lighting Business Group, Research Lab Developer           Cleveland, OH  1.5 yrs.   2/1984 To 8/1985


Other Limited Engagements:

Alexus C++ ASP custom scripting engine, MSSQL, Javascript: Dev., UI design, mgmt. tech/art team. – 2000 Ashburn, VA

Netword LLC CTO, Architect, managed technical support & dev team of 5 people, marketing. – 1997 Arlington, VA

WareOnEarth Consulted on encrypted USPS communication product and development process. – 1999 McClean, VA

Skills & Education

Education, Certifications, and Organizational Membership

Technical Skills

SW Languages: C/C++, Java (+Scala), Kotlin, Javascript, Bash, C#, Perl, Python, Old: Lisp, Erlang, Haskel, PHP, Matlab

Platforms & Operating Systems: Linux, Unixen (Solaris, Cray, AIX, HPUX, IRIX, SCO, Interactive), MS Windows, OS X, Android, WebOS, MVS, VMS, embedded factory, Stratus

Methodologies: Scrum/Agile, Extreme, Old: Rational Process, OOA/D, Taylor, Booch, Structured, Many SDLCs

Databases: dgraph, MySQL, old: Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, Access, Progress, Postgres

CM Systems: Git / github, old: Subversion, CVS, RCS, SCCS, SourceSafe, Rational Clearcase

Information Assurance: CISSP, NSA IAM, secure application development, biometric products and APIs, PKI (CA policy, development, deployment, Kerberos/SSH/Login, PKI smartcards & server accelerators), several penetration testing tools, network scanning (Nessus, Retina, nmap, nc, tcpflow), DREN CSA system hardening, NIST 800-53, several DCIDs, several FIPS, DISA STIGs (Unix, Windows), FISMA, DIACAP, NSA Type 1 encryptor training (Taclane / Fastlane)

Patterns: Architectural Form: Comm. Concentrator, Expert System, Explicit Pseudo threading, Small Language, Form Language, web scripting language, Digital Notary, Document Database, Secure App architecture, mobile code, knowledge oriented architecture, multi-stream video player, MVC, Business Delegate, Front Controller, Intercepting Filter, Transfer Object,  System Design: Builder, Factory Method, Prototype, Singleton, Adapter, Composite, Decorator, Facade, Proxy, Command, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, Memento, Observer, Template, Visitor, Data Access Object / Service


Innovation Highlights:

After sufficiently mastering existing engineering in a certain area, creative application of broad knowledge can lead to innovative problem solving. This list highlights a few of the more interesting insights that, at the time, stood out.


Document Examples

W3C XBC Measurements Methodology

W3C EXI Measurements Note

ESXML Slides

Soft Skills

My purpose of life: Make myself useful by making the world a better place in whatever large and small ways that I can, so that my journey has been worthwhile.  How does your mission enable that?  How are you significantly improving the world?  Is there a way that I can play a key role?  Some of my recent goals and activities have been toward: greatly improving education & job prospects for blue collar workers and everyone (Yebo / Change My Path, Blue Scholar Foundation), solving commute & worker shortages while enabling disabled freedom through telerobotics (VolksDroid), creating a true usable visual knowledge base (VKMaps) to allow people to better capture, organize, and share all information, and writing a pair of books to improve lives & society.

I continually learn, grow, and transform, adjusting my goals to fit available opportunities and perceived best use of my abilities.  I have an extremely deep and diverse range of experience, skills, connections, and interests.  I’m well-rounded, self-sufficient in broad ways, and internally driven in multiple senses, always considering and tracking a stream of options at all levels.  I am continually creative & inventive, frequently synthesizing new approaches, ideas, and solutions after I thoroughly understand a new area.  I rapidly absorb and adapt to new environments, technology, people, and culture, adopting both enterprise and customer problems as my own, and rapidly internalize constraints and available tools to productively solve problems and answer needs.

From my early teenage years through today, I have had broad curiosity, voraciously reading & researching an extremely wide range of topics.  This broad awareness, coupled with my diverse work experience, often gives me unusually useful creative insights.  I have had enough consistent success to be confident I can bridge gaps in most cases, and enough mistakes and difficulties getting there to usually avoid being overconfident or truly arrogant.  I do however fearlessly take on difficult projects, problems, and environments and am generally confident that I can ramp up and innovate as needed.  This is fun for me.  I am highly cognizant of Dunning-Kruger.  I have raised several children, including adopted, the last two as a single father since my youngest was 12.  I repeatedly coached & refereed sports and academic teams, volunteering in various ways.  I have worked with a very large number of coworkers & customers, performed deep technical screening & interviews of hundreds, and have mentored many.  I have managed teams of 20+, coaching teams formally and informally.  I am adept at resolving conflicts between people and excel at debugging complex problems within complex systems.

I am very healthy, running multiple half marathons and other races every year, biking, mountain hiking, kayaking, sailing, and inline skating.  I have run at least 20,000 miles.  I am a private pilot (haven’t flown for a while), PADI scuba certified, used to rock climb, and ski & snowboard.  I am an avid semi-pro photographer: over 100,000 photos taken globally, including at night in the street on skates in Tokyo at 20mph.  The day before I spoke at a conference in Montreal, I walked 43 miles taking pictures.  All of this has contributed to and illustrates my stamina and energy on projects that I focus on.